Here's a few Dr. Tilean testimonials.

Here's what other's have had to say about their experience of working one-on-one with Dr. Tilean.

We hired Dr Tilean because we were starting to feel that something was missing in the way of us taking our business to the next level. 

We felt blocked and we knew those blocks came from within. We knew that doing another marketing course wasn’t going to solve the problem. 

We needed someone to help us each find our blocks to money and success and to help us to release them. And we knew pretty quickly after meeting Dr Tilean that she was the person to help us to elevate our business and take it to the next level. 

Dr Tilean helped us to get clear on the blocks that were limiting us and the actions we needed to take outside of the session and we saw immediate results! We saw an immediate increase in business revenue within the week of the first session! It honestly was amazing. But it’s the deeper inner changes that feel the most powerful and long lasting. Our vision for the business, both in terms of where we can take it and what will get us there keeps getting clearer and clearer and feels more and more achievable every step of the way. Dr T is flipping magic! 

Vicki and Selina, Founders of Project Love

Linda Pallien is a Career Coach and World Class Speaker. When she started working with Dr. Tilean she had been stuck in a draining job working all hours after attempting and failing to start her business 3x before! However, since taking the leap to work with Dr. Tilean and learn the principles of Mindset Mastery, Linda now travels the world, works full time in her own business and makes excellent money doing what she loves. That's the power of Mindset Mastery! 

I'm ready to work with Dr. Tilean!
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Idil Hassan is the founder of the Somali Coaching Academy. However, when she started working with Dr. Tilean she had not even started putting together her business, in fact she didn't even have an idea! Plus she was working full time, studying and a mother of 4 young children! However, since taking the leap to work with Dr. Tilean Idil now works full time in her own business, lives life on her terms where she has a spa day every Friday and has more time for her children, and she makes excellent money doing what she loves. That's the power of Mindset Mastery!  

Desta Haile is the founder of Languages Through Music. However, when she started working with Dr. Tilean she was struggling to find the belief to really make her business a success to a level that she could do it full time! However, since taking the leap to work with Dr. Tilean and learn the principles of Mindset Mastery, Desta now works lives life on her terms running Language Through Music workshops and festivals, online courses and much more! That's the power of Mindset Mastery! 

Naomi Aidoo is a Christian Business Coach and started working with Dr. Tilean when she felt like she was doing everything in her business, but was struggling to see how to go to the next level in her business. She was starting to fall out of love with her business and was finding it difficult to see the financial growth and impact she deep down knew was possible. However, since taking the leap to invest in Mindset Mastery with Dr. Tilean, Naomi now enjoys her business, has a balance of work, rest and fun and has increased her business ROI! That's the power of Mindset Mastery!

I was so close to just giving up and throwing in the towel when my business partner and friend left the company suddenly but at that point, I was working with a membership of 140 people who needed me to keep going. I honestly didn’t know how and was having trouble holding on to my initial vision for the business. 

I knew I needed help and had seen the Dr Tilean posts on Facebook for a while, so I reached out and I am happy to say that it has been literally the single greatest investment I’ve ever made in not only my business but myself. I wanted to regain clarity of my vision and develop a more sustainable business structure which could allow me to have a family life and not work all the hours God sends! You often hear people say “it’s not personal, it’s just business” but to someone who starts a company based on their passion it’s always going to be personal and this is why Soul Success is so powerful. Dr Tilean understands the inner workings of a soul-based business so well and her whole approach to business development begins with a proper understanding of your spiritual and personal development. 

I thought this was going to be a program to help me keep my business on track in a ones and zeros sort of way and it has, but most importantly Dr Tilean has taught me how to stay on track with myself first and the successful business flows from there.  

Dr Tilean helped me to develop better systems for running the day to day business and great techniques that help me to plan ahead. I have now employed a Community Manager and have a new business partner that is as passionate about getting great results as I am. As a result of all this I am pleased to say that my personal life is going so much better. I have more time to spend with friends & &oved ones than I did in the preceding 4 years. In the past I was always nervous to go away because the business relied so heavily on me to do EVERYTHING! Lol. This year I have not one but TWO holidays scheduled in!!!  

With the support and encouragement of the Mindset Mastery programme my business revenue has doubled due to new partnerships and deals I was able to forge because Dr Tilean helped me to find the courage to ask for more and negotiate for exactly what I want. I have a better relationship with my core team members because we now have regular feedback scheduled into our activity which allows me to address issues more quickly and ensure that everyone feels like they are being heard.  

Communications with the wider membership of the choir have also improved greatly since I wrote and published a handbook for all of our members under the guidance of Dr. Tilean. Getting clear on my Mission, Vision and Values and being able to properly share this with people for the first time was so empowering. The handbook includes many of the self-improvement ideas and prompts that I learned from working with Dr Tilean, because when you know that something works you just want to tell as many people as possible.  

Natalie Maddix Vocalist, Founder & Creative Director of House Gospel Choir & REP Vocal Agency  

Dr Tilean's SOUL SUCCESS Mindset Mastery coaching has been an unbelievable discovery for me. Dr. Tilean has been one of the ONLY people who have understood that my mission to create a brand rooted in Psychology to help women of colour was about PASSION more than anything else. I honestly believe it was no accident that I was drawn to her brand. 

Dr. Tilean is a very supportive coach and is always rooting for your success. She has such lovely personality that is both chilled out but also very driven. Anybody can dish out business advice, but Tilean's approach helps you to understand and overcome a lot of the mental blocks that keep a lot of people stuck from fulfilling their dreams. 

I deeply appreciated that she added unique mindset work to the business development process - (I don't know of any other business advisor that does that!) and you realise that your success is more to do with your mindset than other factors such as having no time or money. I find this empowering and it helped me to think a little differently and realise that I have all the control over how I want to shape my own future. 

Dr. Tilean encourages you to think BIG. No dream is stupid, silly or out of reach. It has been an absolute honour and a pleasure to work with Dr Tilean.

Kamaria Fleary, Founder of The Colour Well