This is for you if...  

* you're DONE wondering HOW and WHEN it's going to change for you. * you're DONE being worried, STRESSED AND ANXIOUS WITH MONEY and results. * you're DONE with feeling DRAINED and BURNT out! * you're DONE with PLAYING IT SMALL. * you're DONE with the START/STOP MOMENTUM in your business. * you're DONE with being ALONE as a business woman.  

AND if...  

* you're READY to STEP IT UP in your business. * you're READY for MIND-BLOWING results. * you're READY to MOVE PAST THE BS that's really holding you back. * you're READY to inject what it takes to get PHENOMENAL RESULTS in your business. * you're READY to SELL WITH CONFIDENCE. * you're READY to be part of an incredible POWERHOUSE.  

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, this results boot camp is for you, if you're the business woman who: * is certain their business is their spiritual path! * deep-down you have a knowing and belief that you can make massive impact and income in your business. * is 100% dedicated to doing the work required to create results.  


* You're ready for...  

✔ Increased visibility ✔ Increased audience reach ✔ Increased enquires ✔ Increased sales  


✔ Increased action ✔ Increased energy ✔ Increased enthusiasm and belief ✔ Increased confidence in yourself and your business ✔ Increased love for yourself and your business  


✔ A massive reduction in the BS keeping you stuck on that same page!  

This is NOT for you if...  

* you're sick and tired of your business! * you're not willing to take action! * you're not prepared to do DEEP inner work! * you're going to pretend, be fake or unsupportive! * deep down you don't believe you can succeed! 

Here's how we'll roll for 60-days:  

Day 1 - 7: Unlock Your Bad-Ass Self Right now on some level you are dimming your light! No need to feel ashamed - I've been there! But you KNOW there's a super successful spiritual bad-ass business woman inside of you! It's time to unleash YOU and your business on a bigger scale to the world! From day 1, you'll learn how to tap into your greater potential and tune into your inner bad-ass. You'll be releasing your powerful self on a greater level, so you get increased results in your business NOW! You'll learn tips and tricks to having a success mindset that enables you to continuously align with your bad-ass self, so you are continuously stepping it up BIG TIME and commanding results!  

Day 8 - 14: Ultimate Business Clarity Now you're owning it and speaking your truth - it's time to make sure you are aligned FULLY with your business mission, your marketing strategy and the results you're bringing in. This week it's about gaining absolute business clarity! You'll be so on FIRE, you might even be ready to CREATE that new programme, product or retreat you've not been doing because you've been waiting until you become bad-ass. Well NOW is the time - no more waiting for later or saying WAIT or NO to your intuition! You'll learn how to connect with EXACTLY what you need to do on a deeper level AND TAKE ACTION!  

Day 15 - 21: Stop With The BS - Continuous Momentum I'm not going to sugar coat it - entrepreneurship is NOT sunshine and roses #FACT, and no amount of MINDSET WORK will change that. BUT on some level you're allowing FEAR to slow your flow and it's affecting your results! This week you'll learn how to use mindset work to become the ruler of your feelings and reduce those energy sucking thoughts and habits, so you get results. I also know you're in it for the long haul, so you'll learn techniques to simplify your life to keep you from burn out and being overwhelmed, and create more productive days. You'll be equipped with time management and productivity tools that will kill resistance FAST!  

Day 22 - 28: Spirituality And Boundaries As a spiritual bad-ass business woman, I'm pretty sure you're blurring boundaries on some level in your business. Maybe you're over-giving massively to your detriment or perhaps you're allowing customers to mess around with payment plans and it makes you feel icky! Am I right?!? Well, you'll get super clear on what drags you down and what lifts you up in your business, and set boundaries that you can stick to. Because, believe it or not, your current business boundaries (or lack of) and how they make you feel are having a massive impact on your results!  

Day 29 - 35: The Wealthy Woman Within Regardless of your back story and current story (maybe you grew up in struggle, can't save, never seem to have enough money - to name a few that might resonate), you have a wealthy woman within you that is screaming to get out! Learn money growth techniques that will shift you on the inside and on the out! You'll learn ALL my money management practices I've learnt that bring me consistent income in my business. You'll also become confident with sales in a heart-based way AND strengthen your ability to receive!  

Day 36 - 42: The Confident Woman Within On some level, you have some DEEP stories that are limiting your success, your confidence and affecting your ability to sell within your business. It's time to unravel these stories and really unpick them. Don't worry, you won't need to hang out your dirty laundry to the POWERHOUSE group, but you'll certainly need to hang it out for yourself to see what's keeping you stuck. I'll give you the tools to become crystal clear on what's holding you back from being the super confident woman within you that can make the level of sales and results you know are within your reach!  

Day 43 - 49: Healing The Inner Child Within. Previous life experiences and situations have left you wounded deep down. I'll take you through a process of learning how to heal them, so you can experience even more results in the last 18 days of the boot camp. You'll learn techniques that will enable you to heal beliefs that are holding you back. Beliefs that could include 'feeling like you're not being enough or ready'; 'feeling like you're always experiencing patterns of life struggle, pain and suffering'; 'poverty mindset, for example there's never enough'; 'proving mindset, for example wanting to prove yourself to others'; and 'victim mindset, for example it's always harder for you', to name a few. You'll see how healing the inner child will empower you to release more of what's within you, so you can claim greater results!  

Day 50 - 59: Expanding Your Ability To Receive As we approach the end of POWERHOUSE - RESULTS BOOT CAMP, there's no better time to ramp up your ability to receive even more of the abundance available to you. There's no doubt you'll be ending this boot camp FULL OF ENERGY and life because of all you've received already and all that is due to come. Plus these final techniques you'll be equipped with will enable you to embrace and receive even more abundance into your life.  

Day 60: Powerhouse Success Party You are the woman who rocks her business and life, and I can't wait to celebrate with you. You might think it's the end, but TRUST ME, this is only the beginning of some life-long friendships! You'll be part of an online success party, with all your other POWERHOUSE friends you've made over the last 59 days. You'll end the boot camp motivated, energised and empowered to step further into your truth!  

The investment 

This is a LIVE programme. That means the programme will be delivered by me in REAL time, no pre-recordings. You'll get to experience working with me live! Plus the content of the boot camp will be tailored to YOUR needs and you'll be personally supported over 60 days!  

The programme will run from October 2nd 2017 until 30th November 2017, and the first TEN women to sign up AND pay in full, will receive a one-on-one 60 minute coaching session, followed by FIVE days of individual support with Dr. Tilean to be used NOW in the month of September.  

Your investment includes: Access to ALL boot camp training materials including video trainings and much more. (VALUE: $1997) x2 30 minute 1:1 private coaching calls with Dr. Tilean (one between day 1 -7, and one between day 36 - 42). (VALUE: $500)  

Plus a tonne of other benefits: Weekly group calls to hop on the phone to have any questions personally answered by Dr. Tilean and receive personalise mindset work. Weekly office hours where you can submit questions to be answered by Dr. Tilean and receive personalise mindset work. (Which is great if you can't make the calls). A supportive POWERHOUSE community of like-minded business women!  

The times of the LIVE calls will be decided once all the women are in the programme.

TOTAL VALUE: Over $2497  

ACTUAL PRICE: $997 (pay in full) or TWO equal payments of $597.  

It's time to sky-rocket and enter the POWERHOUSE!  



October 1st 2017

Time left until CART CLOSES...


Here's what Idil Hassan, Behaviour Change Specialist had to say about working with Dr. Tilean... 

"Working with Dr Tilean was the best decision I ever made. When I first started working with Dr Tilean, I was this scared woman crippled by fear and uncertainty of whether I was ever capable of building a business. I quit my job just then so I was overwhelmed with doubt and low self worth. 

Tilean helped see what was possible for me. She helped me dig deep and uncover some gruesome beliefs that I never even knew I had, and led me to changing those beliefs, it was transformational. 

The money mindset work we did together was a breakthrough for me as I was able to finally figure out why on earth I was always broke. I always told myself I was 'bad at saving'- but it was so much deeper than that and if it wasn't for the deep Money Mindset work Tilean made me do, I would never have made the leaps I did. 

I am so grateful and blessed that she came into my life when she did. I am now an awesome coach for women all around the world to stop struggling and start thriving, all thanks to Dr Tilean for helping me become the woman I desired to be!"

You'll see results FAST! Here's what Jen Holmes from Curiously You had to say about working with Dr. Tilean...

"It was a pleasure to work with Dr Tilean. 

I uncovered aspects of my money story that had been hidden from me for many years and quietly ruling my approach to business. 

After just a week of working with Dr Tilean I had come up with a plan to move past my limiting beliefs, confidence in my abilities to work with clients, and a firm belief in the power of my message. 

I’ve got that boost I needed to move forward with my income goals for this year. Thank you Dr Tilean!"

Snag a BONUS one-on-one kick-start coaching experience with Dr. Tilean if you're one of the FISRT 10 to sign up AND pay in full!

Here's what Linda Boakye, Career & Mindset Coach had to say about working with Dr. Tilean...

"You know….when you take the first right step that turns everything on! That was my making the decision to do coaching with Tilean. It has been an amazing experience. She believed in me and my business, and for the first time, I could see it actually working too. I was stuck in a draining job working all hours after attempting and failing to start my business 3x before.  

She is super generous, leads by example and her infectious high energy meant that I kept my energy levels up too. Fast forward today, I am working full-time on my business, having travelled a lot and attracting well paying clients. If you’re like me and have tried everything that hasn’t worked… Dr.Tilean will sort it."

Imagine increased visibility! Here's what Kamaria Fleary, Personal Growth Practitioner had to say about working with Dr. Tilean...

“Tilean’s coaching has made me even more fearless than before. 

I have had so many people reach out to me showing interest in my brand – celebrities too and I have been asked to be an ambassador for other people’s brands and projects. It shows that so much can be achieved in a small space of time if you just focus on building what matters, but also building your mental resilience so you can truly be free from distractions and nonsense that detract from your path.” 

Here's what Naomi Aidoo, Christian Business Coach for purpose-driven female entrepreneurs had to say about working with Dr. Tilean for just 7 days, so imagine 60 days! 

"I spent most of my twenties as a High School Teacher and had always thought that my part-time blogging/vlogging was destined to hobby status... until I hit 30, hired myself a Business Coach and, by God's grace, saw success almost as soon as I pressed 'go'. I'd got all my systems in place, I filled my first e-course, I booked clients right away who got awesome results, I launched a successful group program... and then, 9 months in, I found myself feeling stuck.

From the outside it looked as though things were going well, but inside I'd started to feel out of alignment with what I'd been called to do & frustrated and burnt out with working all hours and not scaling in the way I thought I should be... and then I met Tilean. 

I'd been receiving Tilean's emails for a while but always thought that the idea of a Mindset Coach was weird(!) and so I'd barely pay them attention and would carry on trying to implement the next 'system'. Systems were only getting me so far, though and so when Tilean offered a no brainer 7 day mindset taster I thought to myself 'what have I got to lose?'... OH. MY. WORD. 

Quite simply, the seven days were a game changer for not only my business, but my life. I received personalised mindset work daily which helped me work through things I didn't even know were there. It was one of my best weeks in business to date, not because of clients signed, programs released & low converting ads, but because for the first time in ages I was reconnecting with why I started my business in the first place. Tilean supported me above and beyond throughout and didn't even try to 'up sell' me. She didn't need to. Before the seven days were even up, I was having discussions with my husband about how we could find the money to hire her! Those seven days with Tilean were the first step of massive up levelling for my life and business and I can't wait for the rest of our journey together!"  

And within her first month, here's what Naomi shared about how mindset coaching with Dr. Tilean has been by far the most transformational coaching experience for her to date! 

Here's what Maria Duran, Confidence Coach had to say about working with Dr. Tilean...

“Working with Dr. Tilean has been one of THE BEST experiences of my life! 

I had some major mindset shifts that encouraged me to think deeper than usual and really lean into who I am. I also broke old thought patterns that were blocking me from moving forward in my life. 

Working with her gave me the clarity needed to start the business I had been dreaming of, taught me the importance of celebrating even the smallest wins, and also caused me to have more self-care in my life, which I truly was needing. 

I cannot thank her enough for her work and support. She is truly incredible and life-changing! 

Here's what Desta Haile, Business Owner of Languages Through Music had to say about working with Dr. Tilean...

“I have really enjoyed my coaching with Dr. Tilean.

I feel my business and I have grown in many ways, from confidence to organisation. 

She has helped me see and open doors I hadn’t noticed, and created a clear and positive structure to help me get to where I would like to be!” 


It's time to sky-rocket and enter the POWERHOUSE!

And snag a BONUS one-on-one kick-start coaching experience with Dr. Tilean if you're one of the FISRT 10 to sign up AND pay in full!

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