Right now, if you’re honest, the realities and practicalities of entrepreneurship have you quite frankly not living the life you desire. Am I right? 

You’ve built (or building) your soul-inspired biz from your kitchen table and now you’re stuck elevating it to the next level, right? Your mind is tripping you up BIG TIME and you know you’re blatantly self-sabotaging?  

Well it's time you entered THE POWERHOUSE - A Transformational Mindset Mastery Programme and 1:1 mentorship designed to equip you with the skills to train your brain to THRIVE so you can be in FULL FLOW. You'll become the most PRODUCTIVE you've ever been, improve your BUSINESS RESULTS including its cash-flow and generally UPLIFT YOUR LIFE on every level! 

Hosted by Dr. Tilean, Leading Chartered Psychologist and Behaviour Change Expert for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs, this is a POWERHOUSE where you'll learn to exactly what it takes to master the mindset of the 1% and generally uplift your life on every level!  

Here's what you'll discover in THE POWERHOUSE!  

Module 1: Unlock Your Bad-Ass Self If you're not meeting your goals on a month-by-month basis there's a reason, and the POWERHOUSE is exactly where you'll find out. There's a super successful, super productive bad-ass leader inside of you, bursting to get out! It's time to unleash YOU and your business on a bigger scale to the world!  

Learn how to: - Tap into your greater potential and tune into your inner bad-ass EVERY SINGLE DAY! - Use psychological tips and tricks so your mindset is ON POINT and you step it up BIG TIME! - Confidently and consistenly take action and commands increased results in your business NOW!  

Module 2: Ultimate Life & Biz Up-levels The hard reality is that 99% of entrepreneurs and business leaders are not experiencing joy in ALL areas of their life (including their business) and it causes a negative impact on their health, wellbeing and business results. Did you know that almost 50% of entrepreneurs and business leaders are living a life with way to much stress hormones in their body; and 1 in 3 entrepreneurs are living with depression (which is 20% more than the general population average)? I don't want you to be part of that statistic! Create ultimate life up-levels in ALL areas so you feel better on the inside and out.  

You'll learn... - How to ramp up your ability to experience wealth in all areas of your life. - How to SKYROCKET every single area of your life NOW: your health, your fitness, your environment, your friends, your self-care, your clothes, your EVERYTHING!!! - How to balance life and entrepreneurship, whilst still getting massive business results!  

Module 3: Stop With The BS - Let's get PRODUCTIVE! You're in it for the long haul and I'm not going to sugar coat it - life and business is NEVER going to be 100% sunshine and roses #FACT! BUT on some level you're allowing FEAR, anxiety, stress and life in general to slow your business flow and it's affecting your results! It's time to get super productive!  

Learn: - How to become the ruler of your feelings and reduce those energy sucking thoughts and habits, so you get results. - Techniques to simplify your life and keep you from burn out and being overwhelmed, so you can create more productive days. - Time management and productivity tools that will kill resistance FAST!  

Module 4: Heal To Reveal Greater Results It's not uncommon for high-achievers to have experienced some sort of emotional turmoil or trauma in their life. These previous life experiences and situations can unknowingly and knowingly be having a negative impact on your results and how you live your life. You'll may find yourself repeating patterns of behaviour that don't serve you and actually hold you back. Or you may find you self-sabotage over and over again! In this module you'll be guided through a process of learning how to heal past traumas and patterns of the past, so you can experience even more results in your business and life NOW.  

You'll learn techniques to... - Heal past traumas, beliefs and thoughts that have been preventing you from rising to your full potential. It's time to catapult to feeling WOW in all areas of your life! - Let go of feelings holding your back like 'you're not enough or ready'; 'you're always experiencing patterns of life struggle, pain and suffering'; 'there's never enough', 'it's always harder for you' or any other feelings keeping you stuck. - Nurture your inner child, so you experience more PLAY and FUN in your life, and claim greater results!  

Module 5: Unleash Your Full Confidence I know, I know, you're already confident to some extent! But hear me out... because on some level you have a lack of confidence (you know the self-doubt, worry and fear). That negative psychology is floating around within you and is affecting your ability to leap ahead and make decisions that get you results within your business at the level you should be. It's time to raise your conviction, belief and results!  

You'll learn... - What's really been keeping you stuck from rising up to that next level of success. - How to reduce self-doubt, worry and fear, and increase your confidence from the inside, so your energy shifts massively and attract even more results! - How to become the super successful and happy business leader that can claim the level of results you know are within your reach!  

Module 6: Set Boundaries To Increase Your Energy Your energy is all over the place and if you're honest your boundaries are blurred in some way, shape or form in your life. Am I right? It's quite common for high-achieving entrepreneurs and business leaders to be over generous to their detriment! And believe it or not, your current boundaries (or lack of) and how they make you feel are having a massive impact on your business results! It's time to change that NOW!  

You'll learn how to... - Get super clear on what drags you down and what lifts you up in your business and life, and set boundaries that you can stick to. - Stop over-giving massively to your detriment and how to increase your energy. - Improve your relationship with yourself and others, so it's fuelled with more love, respect and compassion.  

BONUS 1: Ultimate Business Clarity You've already got your business (or business idea), but it's time to gain absolute business clarity like never before! In this BONUS module, you'll be provided support as you build and scale your business, in a way that you are committed to taking action and actually seeing results! But most importantly, this module will ensure that you are FOCUSED and consistently aligned with your business mission, your marketing strategy and the results you're bringing in, rather than being side tracked and going off on a tangent.  

BONUS 2: Money, Money, Money In order to grow a successful business, money management is crucial! In this module, you'll be assessing your attitudes and beliefs around money, and working to break any unhealthy money habits that are not serving you. You'll be increasing your ability to manage money, as well as learning skills so you can receive more of it! It's time to unleash the super duper wealthy side of you that is screaming to get out!  

Learn... - How to break money mindset patterns that are silently ruling your life in a way that's detrimental to your health, wealth and success. - Money management systems and money growth techniques that will make your general relationship with money better once and for all! - How to become confident with talking about money (and selling) in a heart-based way that services your clients AND strengthen your ability to receive MONEY - lots of it!  

The investment 

The programme teaching begins on January 22nd 2018 and your one-on-one mentorship starts that same week at a time that suits your schedule!  

Your investment includes: - Eight course modules taught by Dr. Tilean which will teach you exactly how to THRIVE now (plus you have lifetime access to the online course modules) (VALUE: $1997) - Personalised feedback from Dr. Tilean on your progress on ALL modules, empowering you to HOLD yourself accountable to completing the course AND get RESULTS in your business! (VALUE: $1000) - You'll have eight personalised 1:1 laser focused coaching sessions with Dr. Tilean to specifically discuss your business and life situations, set goals and take massive leaps ahead. (VALUE: $2000) - Lifetime membership in THE POWERHOUSE, a 24/7 mastermind forum which includes a monthly group mastermind power sessions and additional support when you need it! You’ll continue to be mentored in THE POWERHOUSE by Dr. Tilean month-in and month-out; year-in and year-out (at no additional cost) as you continue to grow and scale your business. (VALUE: Priceless)  

TOTAL VALUE: $4997  

But I’m NOT going to ask $4997 for this course… I’m offering the course to you for $4997 





January 21st 2018

Time left until CART CLOSES...


Here's what Idil Hassan, Behaviour Change Specialist had to say about working with Dr. Tilean... 

"Working with Dr Tilean was the best decision I ever made. When I first started working with Dr Tilean, I was this scared woman crippled by fear and uncertainty of whether I was ever capable of building a business. I quit my job just then so I was overwhelmed with doubt and low self worth. 

Dr. Tilean helped see what was possible for me. She helped me dig deep and uncover some gruesome beliefs that I never even knew I had, and led me to changing those beliefs, it was transformational. 

Plus, the money mindset work we did together was a breakthrough for me as I was able to finally figure out why on earth I was always broke. I always told myself I was 'bad at saving'- but it was so much deeper than that and if it wasn't for the deep money mindset work Tilean made me do, I would never have made the leaps I did. 

I am so grateful and blessed that she came into my life when she did. I am now an awesome coach for women all around the world to stop struggling and start thriving, all thanks to Dr Tilean for helping me become the woman I desired to be!"

You'll see results FAST! Here's what Jen Holmes from Curiously You had to say about working with Dr. Tilean...

"It was a pleasure to work with Dr Tilean. 

I uncovered aspects of my money story that had been hidden from me for many years and quietly ruling my approach to business. 

After just a week of working with Dr Tilean I had come up with a plan to move past my limiting beliefs, confidence in my abilities to work with clients, and a firm belief in the power of my message. 

I got that boost I needed to move forward with my income goals for this year. Thank you Dr Tilean!"

Here's what Linda Boakye, Career & Mindset Coach had to say about working with Dr. Tilean...

"You know….when you take the first right step that turns everything on! That was my making the decision to do coaching with Dr. Tilean. It has been an amazing experience. She believed in me and my business, and for the first time, I could see it actually working too. I was stuck in a draining job working all hours after attempting and failing to start my business 3x before.  

She is super generous, leads by example and her infectious high energy meant that I kept my energy levels up too. Fast forward today, I am working full-time on my business, having travelled a lot and attracting well paying clients. If you’re like me and have tried everything that hasn’t worked… Dr.Tilean will sort it."

Imagine increased visibility! Here's what Kamaria Fleary, Personal Growth Practitioner had to say about working with Dr. Tilean...

Dr. Tilean’s coaching has made me even more fearless than before. 

I have had so many people reach out to me showing interest in my brand – celebrities too and I have been asked to be an ambassador for other people’s brands and projects.  

It shows that so much can be achieved in a small space of time if you just focus on building what matters, but also building your mental resilience so you can truly be free from distractions and nonsense that detract from your path.” 

Here's what Alice Mbewe, Faith Based Life Coach had to say about working with Dr. Tilean...

In just 30 days… * I went from not having a paying client or ever having a sales call to having 16 sales calls in just one month, without even having my website in place! * I created my new programme HEART 2 HEART and signed my first client into it! * I shifted from being not so consistent working on my business to being consistent, and confidently regularly marketing to my audience on social media. * I set up important behind the scenes business systems I required, but previously I had not done. * I was interview for a magazine about my business! * I decided and started writing my book. * I shifted from not often eating healthy to eating quite healthy and having a good balanced diet. I also joined the gym! * I went from not spending time with friends because I didn’t feel up to it, to making time for friends. * I went from not speaking to family members much on the phone, to joyfully speaking to my family at least once a week. * I went from having no romantic relationship to NOW believing it’s coming soon. * I went from not always doing journaling to journaling daily. * I submitted my PhD Degree and am preparing for my Viva exam. * And I left behind judgements that I’m not good enough in 2017!

Is it your time to sky-rocket and enter the POWERHOUSE? 

And within one month, Naomi Aidoo describes her experience of working with Dr. Tilean as 'by far the most transformational coaching experience for her to date'! 

Here's what Maria Duran, Confidence Coach had to say about working with Dr. Tilean...

Working with Dr. Tilean has been one of THE BEST experiences of my life! 

I had some major mindset shifts that encouraged me to think deeper than usual and really lean into who I am. I also broke old thought patterns that were blocking me from moving forward in my life. 

Working with her gave me the clarity needed to start the business I had been dreaming of, taught me the importance of celebrating even the smallest wins, and also caused me to have more self-care in my life, which I truly was needing. 

I cannot thank her enough for her work and support. She is truly incredible and life-changing!" 

Here's what Desta Haile, Business Owner of Languages Through Music had to say about working with Dr. Tilean...

“I have really enjoyed my coaching with Dr. Tilean.

I feel my business and I have grown in many ways, from confidence to organisation. 

She has helped me see and open doors I hadn’t noticed, and created a clear and positive structure to help me get to where I would like to be!” 


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